Vision and Strategy

Vision and Strategy


1. Graduates with concentration on niche guru knowledge

2. Academic research fulfilled with creativity

3. Academic works resolving and demolishing the social problems

4. Arts and culture conserving Suan Sunandha's legacy



Provide education, conduct research, contribute academic services and conserve arts and culture:

1. Produce graduates with concentration on niche guru knowledge, including pre-service teacher, promote the continuing study; build-up the global citizen responsible for the internationalto-be future, and possess the challenges spirit with no fear of failure.

2. Conduct research with determination to invest in niche guru fields for the benefits of 5the peacefulness and prosperity via creative research works.

3. Contribute academic services, in particular, niche guru knowledge resolving and demolishing the social problems.

4. Conserve Thai arts and culture via developing and constructing Suan Sunandha culture being admired appreciated by the entire world.